Penko's popular FLEX™ instrumentation product line now includes the budget-priced 2100 range


Penko's popular FLEX™ instrumentation product line now includes the budget-priced 2100 range


Penko Engineering has announced the Flex 2100 Instrument range, which expands their popular FLEX product line of control and display instrumentation for weighing and dosing applications. Offering the FLEX benefits of a high-resolution colour touch screen and Penko's trademark speed and accuracy, the 2100 range provides simple to use instrumentation at a lower cost.


The FLEX 2100 instruments are functionally simpler than the high-end Flex products and use a passive sense system. The 2100 range is available with standard programs for check weighers, belt weighers, LIW systems and filling applications, and offers performance that is twice a fast as any others on the market and four times faster than leading PLC systems.


In common with the high-end FLEX range, FLEX 2100 instruments operate at the newly-boosted speed of up to 1600 samples/sec – 60% faster than before – and also include Penko's patent pending G-Cal™ geographical calibration technology.


In comparison with high-end FLEX instruments, the 2100 series offers streamlined I/O interfaces, which include USB, 8DI and 8DO built-in, and support is provided for RS232, RS422, RS485, Ethernet and CANbus protocols, with one optional AO 4-20mA analogue interface and optional Profibus DP protocol. The Flex 2100 Controller and Flex 2100 Indicator are available in either panel mount or in a stainless steel housing.


The FLEX 2100 Indicator provides a large, bright and clear display that can be customised for a range of uses, and the FLEX 2100 Weighing Controller can be programmed for various weighing applications such as the precise measurement of hopper scales, packing scales, check weighing scales and batching systems.


For further details on the range of Flex controllers please click the Flex Controller images below:-

FLEX Checkweigher Screen

FLEX Checkweigher Data Screen

FLEX Histogram Screen



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